Cricket Tweaks Unlimited Data Plan Prices, Offering Free Smartphone To Customers Who Switch


Mobile data price wars have already reached its peak with each and every carrier offering unlimited data to its subscribers and potential customers.

Given that all carriers have waged battle against each other to have an edge in the market, Cricket Wireless has also hopped on to the bandwagon, to give stiff competition to its rivals.

AT&T-owned Cricket Wireless is the latest network carrier to adjust its unlimited data plan to retain its customers and also convert potential ones. Cricket Wireless started its unlimited data plans in April 2016. The AT&T prepaid brand, at the time launched a $70 per month plan which offered its users unlimited LTE data, text and talk.

New Adjustments To Old Plan

Cricket Wireless is deducting $10 or 14.3 percent off the price to offer a $60 monthly plan to its users instead of $70 per month. The $10 deduction is applicable for one connection; however, if one wishes to tap into the Group Discounts offer, then one can also do that.

In the Group Discounts offer, if a second connection is added there is $10 discount. On addition of a third line the discount amount increases to $20, which again increases to $30 for a fourth line and $40 for a fifth addition in the family.

Apart from offering unrestrained data, the plan also offers unlimited nationwide talk and text, as well as unlimited international texting access to 38 countries. It also offers unlimited usage of data, talk and text from U.S. to Mexico and Canada. Moreover, the plan also allow users to access the mobile hotspot feature.

To cash in on the service one can use monthly credit with AutoPay; however, this method of payment is not available on Group Discounts.  

New Features In The Plan

Excluding these basic offers, Cricket Wireless also plans to introduce HD and Wi-Fi calling to its network along with the new Stream Mode. The Stream Mode is a new attribute of Cricket Wireless, which allows the users to stream 720p or higher resolution videos at 480p definition in order to save data. The feature will be rolled out from April 2.

New Phone For New Customers

Who doesn’t love a free phone? Right? Cricket is looking to cash in on this as it offers a free handset to every customer who ports their current number over to its network. Given that Cricket is owned by AT&T, the latter’s ports are not allowed to tap in to this offer.

However, a new user can receive any one of the four phones from Cricket for free: Samsung Galaxy Amp 2, LG Spree, ZTE Sonata and Alcatel Streak.

Caveats In The Plan

Similar to other network carriers, Cricket also slows down the data speed if the user has crossed the 22 GB data usage on his or her connection. Starting April 2, users who consume 22 GB data in a month may experience slow data connection for the rest of that month due to heavy traffic in network.

“If you are on the Unlimited Plan and use more than 22GB of data during any monthly plan cycle, your data speeds may be temporarily slowed during periods of network congestion for the rest of that monthly plan cycle,” stated Cricket in its fine print.

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