Facebook Live To Go On Air With Talk Radio: Upload And Listen To Podcasts And Book Readings On Your News Feed


Facebook is launching its latest feature “Live Audio” at the moment. This feature will enable audio broadcasters comparable to radio shows, podcasters, and authors to publish content on Facebook’s News Feed.
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Facebook is launching its latest feature called Live Audio, which can complement the site’s video streaming feature and play audio-only content that may be listened to through its News Feed.

This can make it potential for Facebook users to add and listen to radio broadcasts, podcasts, e book readings, and interviews.

The corporate has seen for some time that there are people who use the video streaming service and also will use a Facebook Live API or a nonetheless image to broadcast audio-only content. This led to the creation of the brand new service. “We know that sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words and not video,” stated Shirly Ip and Bhavana Radhakrishnan in a press launch statement.

Facebook Live Audio: Nice For Those With Low Connectivity

The feature will enable content publishers to go stay even when they’re broadcasting from areas that would not have strong internet connectivity. This can be a nice choice for many who discover it hard to make use of Facebook’s live streaming services due to how video can eat up lots of bandwidth.

This new feature shall be nice information for journalists positioned in battle zones or crisis areas that would not have a powerful internet connection, and for independent artists who need to broadcast live studio sessions or concert events on-line. Podcast producers may also be capable of find a new approach to distribute their content via the platform. And for content creators who’ve been wanting to add their content however are camera-shy, they will be able to do so using Live Audio.

In line with its developers, the feature was also added to Facebook as a result of there’s already a prepared audience for it – that is nice for people who wish to listen to audio whereas doing other things. Those that are utilizing Android units can listen to a Facebook Live Audio broadcast even when they’re browsing on a distinct application, whereas those that use iOS units will be capable of listen to the live audio while browsing other parts of Facebook.

See Who Gets To Have Early Access

The primary audio content publishers that may be capable of test out the service are BBC World Service (news radio) and Harper Collins (e book publisher). Authors Adam Grant and Brit Bennett may also be given the chance to test out the brand new audio platform by doing live readings of their published work.

Facebook has been rolling out its real-time content choices as evidenced by the launch of Live 360 just last week.