Ghostbusters rolls the dice on mobile gaming


ghostbusters with friends

Ghost-busting with buddies

Colombia Pictures’ Ghostbusters film is lending its characters to the popular mobile game Yahtzee with Buddies to appeal to its key audience as part of a multifaceted campaign on trending applications. 

Players on the Yahtzee with Buddies app can now enter a game to battle against the film’s characters along with images and backgrounds that follow the setting and themes of the movie. Ghostbusters has worked continuously to build a presence on a variety of popular mobile apps to garner attention for the film’s release. 

Fun with mobile

Yahtzee with Buddies users are now able to start a game with a Ghosbusters theme and play against computer versions of their favorite characters from the movie. Players must battle their way up through the levels, starting with the movie’s main character Erin. 

The game is similar to the traditional version of Yahtzee in which players must roll their dice and fill out their boards with specific die results. Each category garners a specific amount of points depending on the results of the roll and the user with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

Players must defeat the character within the Ghostbusters game in order to move on to the next. They can win the entire game by defeating every character. 

The characters are designed to resemble their counterparts from the film, but to keep a truly native experience are made to look like dice from the mobile app. For instance, Erin’s character is a square shape but with clothes that she wears in the film, big eyes and brown hair, and is also covered in slime, which is seen in the movie. 

Users must play a designated amount of time before moving on to the next round. For instance, once a user defeats the first character, he or she will have to wait until the next morning to play the next one. 

Ghostbusters has also made an appearance on other popular apps such as Bitmoji, an app in which users design their own emojis in their likeness and can send images to their friends in messaging threads. The app generates images of the uniquely designed emoji characters within sponsored images such as Ghostbusters, which depicts the user as various characters in the film along with its famous catchphrases. 

Mobile gaming marketing

Many brands are taking to mobile gaming to grab users’ attentions. 

For instance, PepsiCo relaunched Crystal Pepsi to capitalize on the growing interest in 90s nostalgia and has recreated the iconic Oregon Trail game to up the ante on a campaign the marketer hopes will go viral (see more). 
Also, Kellogg Co. sponsored a mobile virtual reality game on the heels of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War box office success in which users became the superhero, cognizant of the pull of non-advertising marketing tactics with consumers (see more).

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