IDG Contributor Network: 8 great apps for the Chromebook


8 great apps for the Chromebook

Many people have discovered that a Chromebook can be a terrific replacement for a regular desktop or laptop computer. But what apps can you get to replace your favorite desktop apps? A writer at Make Use Of has a helpful list of 8 useful apps for the Chromebook.

Joel Lee reports for Make Use Of:

If you’re reading this as someone who’s thinking of switching to Chromebook but hasn’t yet, here’s what I think: Chromebooks fall short for specialized business or creative work, but they’re perfect for everyday tasks like music, taking notes, surfing the web, documents and spreadsheets, etc. Check out the following apps to see if your needs can be fulfilled with a Chromebook.

1. Playing Music: Enjoy

2. Chat: All-in-One Messenger

3. Notes and To-Dos: Knotes

4. Text Editing: Caret

5. Distraction-Free Writing: Writer

6. Image Editing: Pixlr

7. Torrenting: JSTorrent ($2.99)

8. Screen Capture: Clipular

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