Servicemen From Different US Military Departments Shared Nude Photos Of Female Colleagues


On March 5, the U.S. Marine department was embroiled in a nasty scandal, where the defense division of the country came under fire for sharing nude pictures of female mariners online.

For the uninitiated, the whistleblower who shed light on the dodgy happenings is Thomas Brennan, the owner of the non-profitable news agency The War Horse.

Brennan, a marine veteran as well as a Purple Heart recipient, first discovered the Facebook page “Marines United”, along with the offensive images and comments made on them.

The images in that page were not only posted but also shared by both working and retired personnel of Navy Corpsman, Marine Corps and British Royal Marines. The images posted in the page belonged to women officers of the Marine Department, both retired and active.

However, right after spotting the malicious page, Brennan informed the Marine Department, and as a result the page along with the images were deleted then and there. As a result of which, Brennan was attacked by the officers involved in the crime via social networking sites.

Now it has come to light that courtesy a BBC report, that few of the servicemen from the other branches have also been sharing these pictures on an image hosting website name Anon-IB.

How Do They Post The Pictures?

At first the officers upload clothed images of the female officers, downloaded from their social networking accounts.

After that, they enquire from other members whether they have any nude images or not, which are termed as “wins.” Along with the image, other information like their name, location or station are also shared.

The particular behavior was previously limited only to the “Mainers United” group, which had around 30,000 members. This page was later shut down by the authorities.

However, as of now, the images are being shared by various other officers on several other website like the Anon-IB, which has a public access unlike the defunct Marines United.

Posts On Anon-IB

With the message board of Anon-IB open to all, users get an open access to both comments as well as lewd and obscene images of women.

A comment uploaded by an anonymous user on Dec.19, stated “Just heard (name removed) and her bf (name removed) broke up,” in reply to the post, which involved a personnel at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.

Another post commented on by an user on Sep.12 referred to someone from the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and stated “Any wright patt wins?”.

The U.S. Department of Defense’s Stance

The U.S. Department of Defense has issued policies to deal with “sexual harassments and hazing.”

Myles Cuggins, the spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Defense told BBC that they are further enacting out “comprehensive workplace harassment prevention and response policy,” to help women deal with such disturbing cases.

However, a hearing will be held on the issue by the Senate Armed Services Committee on next week. The Naval Criminal Investigation Services (NCIS), has also launched an investigation into the case.

Photo: Public Affairs Office Fort Wainwright | Flickr

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