This Awesome iPhone 8 Mockup Could Really Be What The Smartphone Will Look Like


Even while Apple has only recently released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus into the market, rumors are already swirling around the next version of the company’s flagship product.

It has been said that the next iPhone will be featuring a design change that will move it away from the look of the current-generation smartphones. The changes are rumored to be massive, which is why the coming version of the device is being referred to as the iPhone 8 and not as the iPhone 7s, which denotes a minor upgrade.

How Big Will The iPhone 8 Design Change Be?

There is a recent rumor coming from veteran blogger Robert Scoble that the next iPhone will resemble a clear piece of glass with an advanced OLED screen. The device, Scoble claims, will be transparent, with the antennas and battery camouflaged around the edges of its display.

This rumor, while painting a pretty picture for the iPhone 8, is highly unlikely to be true. The design change that seems to be most favored among rumor mills is that the smartphone will feature an OLED display that covers almost the entire front panel of the iPhone 8. The device is also said to be coming with an all-glass body and an edge-to-edge screen, with the camera and the Touch ID to be integrated into the display and the iconic Home button to be removed.

iPhone 8 Mockup Video

With the official announcement of the iPhone 8 still several months in the future, a mockup created by Veniamin Geskin and uploaded to YouTube by ConceptsiPhone could be the closest that we can so far get to seeing what the upcoming smartphone would look like.

The video shows the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with the edge-to-edge screen and no Home button, with the smartphone even placed beside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The video also shows how Touch ID could work, with users to place their thumb or finger on an indicator marked on the display to activate the feature.

Geskin previously released renders of the iPhone 8, but the video that he has uploaded gives users a better grasp on how the device will actually look like in real life.

Of course, being an unofficial mockup of the smartphone, iPhone fans should take the renders and the video with a grain of salt. It is far too early to tell if the mockup comes close to what the iPhone 8 will actually look like, but you have got to admit that it looks great.

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