Tech products of 2022.
Tech products of 2022.
Every year I look back at my Product of the Week choices and pick what I think made the most significant impact on my life as the Product of the Year. There were a lot of contenders this year, which I will cover, but I want to lead with why I'm calling out BlackBerry

Every year I look back at my Product of the Week choices and pick the one that had the most significant impact on my life. I will cover a lot of the competitors this year, but I want to lead with why I am calling outBlackBerry.

I am a huge fan of companies doing the right thing. For instance:

    I felt that we weren't doing enough to address the horrible conditions in Ukranian this year. In order to train its security and employee safety applications to keep us safer,BlackBerry had to commit a lot of resources to the war effort in Ukraine.

      The Alienware m17 R5 would have been the easy choice to lead the category if I were more of a gaming person. After the driver fix, it went from two hours to six. If I were into first-person shooters, where the performance really shines, this would have ranked higher.

      Alienware m17 R5 gaming laptop Dell.

      ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 laptop.

      The ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 was the second. The battery life wasn't great, but the dual screens and wow factor of this notebook makes it more than ideal for those of us primarily working at home but not wanting to be locked up in the same room with a desktop computer all day.

      ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is a 17-inch laptop. The image is Credit: The company is called Lenovo.

      I wouldn't do that myself, because the dual screens on this ThinkBook allow users to do two very different things at the same time.

      The HP Elite Folio is a 2-in-1. The PC is a notebook.

      The image is from HP.

      For how I work, battery life, weight, and comfort are the most important factors. I went up to three days on a trip without needing the power supply for my notebook. The best laptop I used was the HP EliteBook Folio.

      Home tech.

      #The ChiliSleep Dock Pro.

      The first ChiliPad came out with ChiliSleep products. If there is a single solution that ensures I get a good night. The ChiliSleep Dock Pro is by Sleepme. Race car drivers and astronauts use water to cool their suits, just like this product does. I'm like Goldilocks in the last bed, no matter what the temperature is. Just right.

      ChiliSleep Dock Pro Control Unit Sleepme.

      #A sleep tracker.

      Sleepme released a sleep tracker that comes with a subscription so that the heat of the bed can be adjusted to maximize REM sleep. When I travel, I can't take the thing with me. I am too hot or cold when I sleep in a hotel. This product is in the category of can't live without it.

      The cars are electric.

      I drive a Jaguar I-Pace and haven't included these in the competition before. I was aware of the most awesome electric car drag race before writing this column. It was between three expensive cars, one of which cost $4 million. Due to their higher power-to-weight ratio, motorcycles generally dust cars in races like this.

      They are the processors.

      #4090 RTX.

      The most powerful processor is the Threadripper, and the mostpowerful graphics card is a 4090 RTX card. If you put them both in the same system, you will cause your friends to love you and your power meter to spin.

      The question is, why doesn'tAMD do a Threadripper-like graphics card to match the 4090 RTX? Maybe next year, but while Intel still holds as the standard for business,AMD has passed it in performance.

      When it comes to ultimate performance, I will be doing a head-to-head on AMD, Intel, and Nvidia over the holidays, but they lead the pack in 2022.

      There are Smartphones.

      #Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

      The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is the best phone I've seen so far. I know I am an outlier, but when my wife and I go out, we both use our phones. More people walk up and ask about my phone than hers, by a factor of eight to one.

      I use my phone to read books when I am waiting in line, stopped in traffic, or waiting at a light, but not when the car is moving.

      I never leave my phone behind because I get bored easily. If I can open a book, the waiting time goes by in a flash, and I like the extra attention the phone brings me.

      The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 phone is the highest ranked for how I use a phone. It works better than all the others. I admit that having something more exclusive than your typical phone is important to me.


      The result is that Ukraine is safer, but also that the only ones in their class that are battle-tested are the ones from BlackBerry. Germany recently found out the importance of battle testing. Had they needed them in a war, its tanks would have been problematic.

      The Waterloo, Canada location of theBlackBerry Network Operations Center. It's a phone.

      There are many hostile states and powerful organizations in the world that want to do us harm, and it is my opinion that only battle-tested security tools will be up to the task.

      #By helping Ukraine.

      I don't want a false sense of security and I want to know my protections work. The security and safety products of the company were made sure to work under hostile conditions. By doing something good,BlackBerry helped itself and its customers by assuring its tools are up to the task.

      If there is ever a time when we need battle-tested capabilities, it is now, and I want other tech companies to learn fromBlackBerry. The company that I chose as my Product/ Company of the Year wasBlackBerry. Special credit goes to John Chen, the CEO ofBlackBerry, who recognized the need for battle-tested security tools and his team who stepped up to provide them.

      I wish you a happy new year. We will be back next week with my predictions.

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