The Tesla phone could be a game-changing device.
The Tesla phone could be a game-changing device.
One recent rumor that Elon Musk has been emphasizing is the creation of a Tesla phone with a unique feature set. This makes a lot of sense given where Tesla is going, particularly as a hedge against Apple's rumored electric car. Let's explore the potential for a Tesla phone this week. Then we'll clo...

If you aren't an investor, you can enjoy watching Musk gravitate between brilliant and crazy.

There are a lot of times where investors may regret their investment in Musk. He makes the related securities and cryptocurrencies much more volatile than they would be.

There is a rumor that Musk wants to create a phone with a unique feature set.

The phone makes sense since it is a hedge against Apple's rumored electric car.

This week, let's look at the potential for a phone from the company. The product of the week is a set of earbuds that are the most comfortable I have ever tested.

The Apple problem is withTesla.

Both Apple andTesla have the same approach to their markets.

Apple was built by a charismatic leader Steve Jobs, who had a unique approach to management and product creation than Tim Cook.

Both companies have great brand loyalty with their customers, and many large companies are after them.

The company doesn't do much marketing and has a history of poor quality control. Apple leads its market in this area, and it tends to set the bar in terms of product quality, even though it has reduced its marketing substantially.

There is a high correlation between the two. If Apple brings out a car that is integrated into the Apple system, it can take a large share fromTesla.

Apple is the greatest threat due to its large marketing budget and extreme customer loyalty. It is a frightening future competitor toTesla.

The newTesla cars are getting keys from the smartphones, and they are already integrated with the in-car audiovisual technology. Apple would have a leg up with that integration because they could drive Apple users from Telsa cars. Musk is probably being pushed to do his phone.

The phone is from the company.

Snapdragon 8 Series Starlink 

The rumored phone is expected to have a high-end solution from Qualcomm, colors that matchTesla car colors, and connect to Starlink, all of which make it better than any other phone.

Getting a phone to connect to a satellite usually requires a large antenna and a powerful radio. If they could get it to work, it would give a huge advantage toTesla phone users who would get relatively high-bandwidth connections years before 5G is available to them.

If you want to watch a movie when a 5G network is unavailable or get around data caps, then you should put the phone in the car and hide the large antenna. The car gets an always-on satellite connection for remote operation and to report on attempted thefts or parking lot damage more reliably.

With phones becoming keys to cars, aTesla phone could be further integrated with your car.

It could have dedicated buttons to lock,unlock, locate the vehicle, and scream for help using the car's external speakers to get attention. If you wanted the car to pick you up, the phone would help locate you, which would be particularly useful for those of us who forget where we parked.

If Musk is more visionary than Tim Cook was with the Apple Watch, he will make the features configurable so they can work with other cars, and the phone could be a foot in the door to getting those people to buy a car.


There is a rumor that a smartwatch that works with the car might be more interesting, but I haven't heard that yet. There is a watch. It isn't aTesla watch. I have one and it's pretty cool.

The first iPhone was made out of the box, and since then, they have become more capable. The car features that would need to be added are more than capable of being done with the help of Qualcomm.

It's wrapping up.

The integration of the car and phone by Apple is not good.

Although neither Apple norTesla have proven to be great partners,Qualcomm was successful at helping Apple get started when it was less than it is now.

Apple's phone technology advantage could be closed with the help of Qualcomm. Apple has more experience with cars than does Qualcomm.

Even thoughTesla is light on the phone side, they know more about the car side than Apple. IfTesla can get its quality up to where it needs to be, they should deliver a better driver experience than Apple can early on.

In addition, the regulatory hurdles surrounding building a car are far more challenging to overcome than when constructing a phone, soTesla has a much faster time in the market with Qualcomm than Apple does with its new car.

Steve Jobs was more of a car guy than Tim Cook, suggesting the first Apple car has a very high probability of being Apple's Zune. If that Apple car is a disaster, it would make both Musk and Ballmer very happy, since Ballmer was the father of the Zune.

It fits Earbuds.

I am not a person who listens. I tend to lose them, they make my ears itch, and they look dorky.

UE Fits from Ultimate Ears 

The Ultimate Ears fits are expensive at $249 retail, but they have one trick that may make them worth it. They heat internally when setting them up, so that the part that goes into your ear can be shaped for a perfect fit.

This product is very new.

When I got a set of similar earbuds a few years ago, I had to let the earpieces sit in hot water for a while before putting them in my ears. I used those earbuds without fitting because I never got around to that.

The tight fit of these UE Fits make me hate earbuds, but they provide decent sound when used, and they take you through the fitting process as part of the setup. I am forever losing them.

They come in three different colors. Eclipse is a midnight blue that looks black.

Eclipse is the only color that is still available, the other colors are all sold out, but I think the best color is Eclipse.

If they don't fit, contact the Ultimate Ears folks and they'll send out another set for free.

It is unusual for a product in this price class to have active noise cancellation. I don't think they need it with the tight fit and the lack of active noise cancellation on earbuds.

If you can live with the blue/black color, the UE Fits are a decent bargain, though it's risky to get them by Christmas because of the shipping issues. Since they feel good in my ears, they are less likely to be lost and are a bargain at the moment.

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